Who believes that the most meaningful revelations emerge at the far edge of your limits––that there are flashes of self-truth in moments of suffering?


we are wedŪ

We believe that the true path forward is forged by breakthroughs of body and mind. We seek experiences that allow us to persevere towards a new understanding of individual potential. If you feel more, you can be more.

WEDŪ is a mindset rooted in the belief that every challenge ignites a spark of growth and change. We choose courage over comfort zone, adventure over apathy, hardcore over ho-hum.

WEDŪ is a community of people who believe that onward is the only option in the face of adversity, and that one person’s idea of fun is another’s definition of crazy.

WEDŪ is an organizer of events including the Texas HŪNDRED and Aspen FIFTY, that bring our ethos to life.

WEDŪ is a content destination designed to provoke and equip people to embody an endurance lifestyle. The Forward invites audiences into enlightening and down to earth conversations between Lance Armstrong and a myriad of personalities in entertainment, politics, business and beyond.

THEMOVE offers listeners a rare, insider’s perspective on the world’s most iconic cycling races, including the Tour de France and the Classics, as well as the broader endurance sports scene.

Above all, WEDŪ is a product of our people. When you grow, we grow. It belongs to every person who makes a conscious effort to continually question their boundaries, live a bit larger and learn from that process.