Bikes for Kids Uvalde

Written by Courtney Knott

Just before the 2022 Tour de France, Austin-based non-profit Operation Get Out approached WEDŪ to come on as an awareness and fundraising partner. As their mission is to promote physical and mental wellness through outdoor activities; and we believe as much as anyone in the profound positive power of a bicycle, this was a no-brainer. Why not tap into our global platform on THEMOVE and the generosity of our viewers to see what is possible? To see what is possible, specifically, for a community struggling to fathom the unfathomable in the wake of unimaginable tragedy. We’d call it Bikes for Kids Uvalde.

The purpose? To give each elementary school child in Uvalde a reason to smile, by way of a bike.

The hope? To provide each of those kids with a sense of normalcy, freedom and fun—an outlet and a semblance of being ‘just a kid’ again–as the community heads towards healing.

On July 1, JB, Lance and George announced the BFK Uvalde campaign on THEMOVE Podcast, and continued with daily updates of ever-increasing funds. In just two of the four weeks of TdF coverage, our generous listeners (all of you!), surpassed the original goal of $230K. Incredible!

Phase 1, complete.

And while y’all were stepping up in a BIG way, an army of volunteers was forming down in Austin to carry out the next phase. Mellow Johnny’s secured 800 GT Bicycles at a deeply discounted rate, and over the next two weeks, amazing folks showed up day after day to the Austin SkiDock facility to unbox and build them before being transported to Uvalde in semis graciously donated by H.E.B.

Phase 2, complete.



Special thanks to:

Our AMAZING listeners of THEMOVE & Donors, Operation Get Out / Steve & Cindy Present, Mellow Johnny’s, SkiDock, Wish for Wheels, H.E.B., GT Bicycles, SRAM, Wintergarden Produce Shed, San Antonio Sports Foundation, Rockin’ Monkey, Uvalde ISD.


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