The Mind Pump Podcast: How Michael Chernow Changed His Life

This week, we’re bringing you Michael Chernow’s guest appearance on the Mind Pump Podcast. On this episode, Michael dives into the following topics with Sal, Adam, And Justin: 02:13 - How from a young age he was trying to get out of his house. 09:41 - Being sexually assaulted at 8 years old. 14:54 - Why he felt he needed to have a legitimate job with his ever-growing side hustle. 20:38 - His favorite drug to sell and why? 25:06 - His only run-in with the cops. 30:41 - The scary experience of getting robbed. 37:34 - That one time he faked his death. 43:03 - His connection to the universe. 45:28 - Losing his father and making amends. 55:06 - The beginning of the end of the dark days and the beginning of the new days. 1:00:21 - The Muay Thai angels. 1:07:16 - The point where things start happening for him. 1:27:32 - Why his happiness is FAR more important than cash in the bank and capital. 1:34:18 - His next venture, partner, and buyout. 1:45:06 - The origins of Kreatures of Habit. 1:51:58 - Taking his love of oatmeal and running with it! 1:59:34 - How fitness & health transformed him. 2:07:13 - The priority of profitability. 2:09:03 - You never know the catalyst of change.