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By WEDŪ Zwift Crew

T’is the Season to Zwift

We asked our WEDŪ Zwift crew for the top 5 tips for Sūffering on a Sunday:

1. Set It For SŪFFER

Discomfort is not Sūffering. Bike set up is key and a common mistake is just assuming your outside setup will work in doors. Without the need to be aero and knowing you are looking at a screen, ensure your neck position is comfortable with a monitor low enough to have your eyes down. Neck and shoulder discomfort can caused by having your Zwift screen too high.

2. Fuel The Hurt

Your fueling is no longer limited by two bottle cages, three pockets and a gas station nearby. Get a shelf and build your būffet. You generally sweat more indoors, so drink more. You also pedal more per ride (no free wheeling on descents!) so you burn more, so ensure you keep consuming calories to extend the hurt, rather than bonk in your basement.

3. Stretch It Out

Pedal time is up on indoor riding and as a result, we don't naturally come out of the saddle as we do outdoors for lights or the occasional ramp. Try standing even for just a few seconds at the end of each song or every 5-minutes. This will help keep things loose and allow you to enjoy the ride for longer.

4. The Chamois Matters

As we sweat AND pedal more, inferior chamois can be a real pain in the ass. We recommend a chamois without excessive stitching and the WEDŪ kits made by Giordana are the best in class. Made in Italy with the absolute best materials and fit—with minimal stitching (aka: less chafing). For the extra hours, try using coconut oil.

5. Fans. And Lots Of Them.

One fan is not enough. We suggest many. We could write a whole newsletter just on fan setups, but simply, at least two and the most important one is the one on your face. Facial cooling lowers perceived exertion, and when trying to get through a suffer sunday, you will see it as a blessing.


"To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering"

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