2023 WEDŪ Holiday Gift Guide

By the WEDŪ Team

Happy Holidays SŪFFER lovers! It's that time of year again - not the Tour, but the season of giving.

Here's our guide to the best gifts you can give this holiday season:

Best Selling Gifts of 2023

Lance's Favorites

THEMOVE Hoodie. The ID Vest. The Joggers.

Soft, cozy, cool. The pieces that are Lance's go-to's and belong in your closet for every day wear.

The FNS Hat

We partnered with our friends at Imperial to create iconic FNS hat, available in blue and black.

The All-New WEDŪ Logo Hoodie

Introducing a new favorite of ours. Baby blue never looked so good, complete with a huge WEDŪ logo. Get yours here.

From Our Friends


HVMN's Ketone-IQ has become a necessity for not just us here at WEDŪ, but for the United States Military as well. Enough said.


Norda 002 Shoes 

Introducing Norda 002: The ultimate trail running shoe, ultra-responsive for challenging terrain, crafted with bio-based Dyneema®.

GORUCK Rucker 4.0

The Rucker®: Your all-in-one gym on your back, designed for rucking with a dedicated pocket for Ruck Plates, reinforced build, padded straps, and versatile handles for strength, rep by rep, mile by mile.

Stocking Stuffers

Montkush Pain Relief Roll-On

Montkush Pain Relief Roll-On: a 2:1 CBDA-CBD blend with SENDS nano technology for rapid relief, delivering a cooling effect for joint and muscle support in a mess-free roll-on applicator.


LMNT Chocolate Medley

Rich and subtly salty, the Chocolate Medley is only here for a limited time. Featuring 10 stick packs of each flavor, think Chocolate Chai lattes, Chocolate Mint mochas, subtly sweet Chocolate Raspberry cocoas, and more.

Ketone IQ Shots 

Sugar and caffeine-free, the High Performance Energy shot delivers clarity, focus, and readiness for any challenge in just one daily dose.

Happy Holidays from our team to yours!

Need more gift ideas? Check out our new gear in the shop. 

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