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2018 Tour de France Stage 14

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  • THEMOVE Podcast of the 2018 Tour de France presented by PATRÓN is in the studio for Stage 14! Omar Fraile of Astana took his first Tour de France stage win today in Mende and earns himself THEMOVE of the day from Lance! Also this just in! THEMOVE podcast is MOVING-IN to your house for the final day of the 2018 Tour de France! What’s more fun than watching the Tour with your riding buddies? How about watching with your riding buddies AND Lance and JB? For the final stage of this year’s Tour de France (July 29), we’re taking the show on the road—and taking over someone’s living room. The contest winner will hang out and watch the Tour with the guys in the comfort of their own home, then sit in for the live recording of THEMOVE episode recapping the highlights of this year’s TdF. To enter THEMOVE (IN) presented by PATRÓN contest, make sure you’re a subscriber of our email newsletter (sign up at; scroll to the bottom of the page to enter your email address. We won’t spam your inbox, promise.) Then, answer the questions in the form below. We’ll be accepting entries through midnight (MST), Tuesday, July 24. To be eligible, you must be 21 years or older and reside in the lower 48 States (due to travel and preparation logistics)The winner will be announced at the top of the live show on Thursday, July 26.Good luck! Thanks to HELIX," Your destination for DNA discovery," for making today's pod possible. Also to PowerDot and High Brew Coffee for keeping us in the race to becoming the world's number one live sports podcast!