• 2022 WEDŪ Gift Guide

    2022 WEDŪ Gift Guide

    It's that time of year! We've got you covered with the best gifts for that special SŪFFER lover this holiday season.



    On August 27th, 800 bikes and helmets were delivered to the children in the Uvalde, Texas community.

Stay Hūngry

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WEDŪ Everesting Challenge

THE CHALLENGE RUNS May 22nd - 29th


The perfect way to refuel after SŪFFER Sunday

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Happy Holidays SŪFFER lovers, it's that time of year again.

Arctic Cowboys aim to become first to paddle the Northwest Passage

Arctic Cowboys aim to become first to paddle the Northwest Passage


Eleven bags that keep you gear clean, dry and organized at the starting line, trailhead or gym.


Get to know Rajesh "RJ" Majar, a kid from Kathmandu with mountain bike aspirations as lofty as the Himalayas.


The serial entrepreneur, former rapper and creator of new endurance retreat 29029 describes the moment—at Mile 96 of a 100-miler—when his entire perspective on life, human potential and hardship changed.

Lance: 2018 Tour de France Preview

Riders to watch, team travails and course-design gimmicksthis year's Tour de France is shaping up to be an interesting one. My half-dozen predictions for how it'll all go down.

Go-hard 101 with Eric Byrnes

Stay Fast AF As You Age


When it comes to these beastly events, suffering is a given. Crossing the finish line requires some serious grit and fitness, and more than a little luck. While accessible to anyone who wants to push themselves to their limits and beyond, you don’t want to sign up on a whim. These events demand a lot of planning, expertly structured training and respect. That said, there’s nothing like conquering a monumental challenge that seems impossible, crazy even. It’s an experience that leaves you changed, and likely hungry for more. So, which one will you tackle first?


Beat the heat, have more fun, and look good doing it with this must-have stuff


From swimming with great white sharks to adventure cycling 20,000 miles in a year, the combined stories from these fearless five are nothing short of epic. We’d love to crack a beer with these badasses post-training, which is probably the only time we’d be able to keep up. Get know these incredible women, who personify passion and grit as they push the boundaries of their respective sports.


Train smart, be safe and optimize performance with this ingenious gear and gadgetry

Why I Ran Across the U.S.

Last year, ultra-runner Rickey Gates ran from South Carolina to San Francisco—a 3,700-mile solo jaunt that crossed through 11 states. What possesses someone to run for five months straight? Lance Armstrong posed that very question—among others, like how many pairs of shoes he blew through and what he thinks about the boom in ultra-racing—during a recent conversation with his running buddy.

The Sūffer Files

The first in a series profiling extreme endurance races and the people that tackle them.

The Canyon Belgian Waffle Ride in San Diego is North America’s rendition of a single-day Euro-style Spring Classic race. Here, amateurs can join the fray to test themselves against the pros and then party with them in the beer garden. The course is a little different every year, but there’s been one infamous consistency in the event’s seven years: it will absolutely brutalize the hardest of hardmen and hardwomen. The 2018 edition set the stage for some supreme suffering, covering 133 miles with 12,000 feet of climbing and 46 miles of skull-rattling dirt.

BWR is the kind of event you survive, one that leads you to deeply uncomfortable places but rewards every finisher with a new kernel of self-truth. Photographer Jake Orness snapped portraits of BWR riders before and after this year’s ride, documenting how a hard day on the bike literally changes us. The toll is evident in each weary, salt-caked face, but even more intriguing than the physical manifestations of a long day in the hurt locker are the mental shifts or psychological breakthroughs that can occur.

Meet eight finishers of this year’s BWR, each with their own understanding of the virtues of self-imposed suffering on the bike.

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An incisive perspective on the Tour de France, cycling and endurance sports.

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The Forward

Meet an eclectic range of personalities, all with intriguing stories to tell.